Sleep is very important to our health. Sleep helps us with our energy, our productivity, and our overall well-being. If you have trouble sleeping, here are three excellent tips to help you get a better night’s sleep:

1) Start With Your Sleeping Position
The best sleeping position is to keep your spine as close to its natural alignment and in a neutral position. Try to sleep on your back or side position, not on your stomach as it can twist your neck. Avoid the fetal position because it extends your neck to one side and reverses your spinal curves.

2) Use A Good Pillow
The right pillow is so important to help you support and straighten the spine. It is ideal to use a posture pillow or down-filled pillow that cradles the head and neck. A too-thick pillow such as foam one, can cause the neck to bend incorrectly toward the ceiling. A too-thin pillow such as a feather one, may cause the head to bend the other way. But we are all different, so experiment and find the one that works best for you.

3) Reduce Your Stress
Stress prevents our nervous system and our brain from communicating properly, and keeps our body from functioning normally. This can easily affect our sleep. When there is stress or pressure on your spine, your body can’t reach the level of deep sleep your really need. Chiropractic adjustments or other treatments can release pressure on your nerves and help restore the harmony throughout your body.

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     ~ Dr. Chris Hummel, Chiropractic Physician
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