There are leaves everywhere this time of year. As much as we enjoy them, raking leaves can cause pain in your back, neck and shoulders. Here are some quick tips from Hummel Chiropractic to help you reduce the potential of suffering pain as a result of raking leaves.

1.  Move your feet

Do not keep your feet in one position while you bend and straighten at the waist. Instead, move your legs along with the rake. This will prevent unnatural reaching and pulling from the waist, that could cause an injury.

2.  Don’t twist at the waist

Rake the leaves straight back and move with the rake as you walk backward.

3.  Change body position

Change knees and body position often to avoid getting tired.  Move slowly after staying in one position for a long time.

4. Take frequent breaks

Take breaks, stand up straight and do some stretches to give your body a rest.

5. Bend knees when bagging.

When bagging leaves, squat or kneel down to pick them up. Always bend your knees. Don’t bend over at the waist without bending your knees.

6.  Rake over several days

Don’t try to rake your yard all at once especially if it is a large yard or a lot of heavy leaves. This can led to poor posture and injuries.


Back, neck and shoulder pain are often a result of poor posture or injuries from raking leaves. Call Hummel Chiropractic for a consultation and treatment of back pain at 314.838.8780.