No matter how many precautions you take, in the end accidents still happen. After the immediate shock of the accident, what usually follows is the reality of injuries and pain. It is important you get immediate treatment. Some injuries might not appear immediately. For example, it can take from 12 to 36 hours after the accident before whiplash symptoms appear.

Dr. Chris Hummel specializes in Auto Accident Injury Treatment for patients with all different levels of pain and trauma. Call Hummel Chiropractic for a FREE consult at 314-838-8780 to review your injuries. Hummel Chiropractic makes the process simple for you. We are very thorough in explaining your injuries and managing your entire treatment program. We provide X-ray imaging on site and neuro-spinal functional assessments allows us to confidently analyze, diagnose and treat the various complications of spinal injuries, whiplash and soft tissue injuries.

Aspects of our Auto Accident Injury Treatment Program include spinal adjustments, heat therapy for muscle tension and pain relief, range of motion exercises and physical therapy. Strengthening exercises are incorporated as part of your personalized rehabilitation plan.

Call Hummel Chiropractic at 314-838-8780 for a FREE consult about your auto accident injuries.  We are located in Florissant, MO off of Interstate-270 at 11638 West Florissant. We can help!